Standard Filtr’Overspray is well adapted to filtration of paint overspray in spray booths.
It is easy to manipulate and to stock. Its lifetime, 6 times longer than other filtering medias on the market, allows to make important costs reductions.
This filter is perfectly adapted to filtration of any wet overspray particles (paints, varnishes, gel coat, glue, silicone, polyester etc…).
Advantages of this filter :
- Lifetime up to 6 times longer than other filtering medias on the market
- Easy installation and manipulation
- Environment friendly materials according to ISO 14000
- Adapted to filtration of solvent paints and water based paints
This filter can be used in all spray booth with horizontal and vertical airflow.



Construction :
Filtr’Overspray also called Pleated Cardboard Filter or Accordeon Filter is made of 2 layers of recycled kraft paper, perforated, pleated and glued.
The quality of kraft paper (250g/m²) guaranties rigidity of the filter in all positions.

How does it work ?
The V shape of the filter creates a Venturi effect (increase of speed of airflow inside the filter) and obliges airflow containing overspray particles to change direction.
Overspray particles which are heavier than air will stick inside the filter while clean air will go out of the filter.

Standard dimensions :
- 1m   x   10m
- 0,90m
- 0,75m
Other dimensions and cuts on demand.

Color :
brown or white face

Applications :
This filter is well adapted to filtration of any wet overspray particles in all industries :
- Woodworking
- Metalworking
- Plastic / Composite industries
- Car manufacturers and subcontractors



Retention capacity : : 5 to 18kg/m² (depending of density of particles)
Filtration efficiency : : up to 95% (depending of sprayed product)
Air flow rates : : 0,30 to 1m/s
Pressure drop at 0,5m/s : : 20 Pa